About Us

Map My Emissions is an innovative website that allows users to find the emissions generated by passenger vehicles, flights, and railway travel for any trip destination, anywhere in the world.

You can compare your carbon emissions by the type of travel you plan to use.

But, the best and most awesome thing about Map My Emissions, is that by partnering with tree planting projects, you can completely erase the carbon emissions of any trip!

How It Works

You tell us where you want to go.

Tell us how you plan to travel to and from your destination.

Our algorithms use the latest emissions data to determine how much CO2 your trip will generate.

It’s that simple.

The results are presented as pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e). But, there is also an approximate cost those emissions have on society (based on the federal government’s “social cost of carbon”).

Plus, you’ll also have an option to immediately erase the emissions your travel will generate.

By planting trees in deforested rainforest areas and other degregated forests around the world, those emissions can be removed from the atmosphere while simultaneously helping animal wildlife, often endangered.

The renewed forests can also begin to regulate and stabilize weather patterns.

Methodology Used to Calculate Emissions

Emissions calculations use data from various sources, based on emissions factors sourced from various government and independent bodies including:

  • the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency;
  • the U.S. Department of Energy;
  • the United Nations, ICAO;
  • the UK Vehicle Certification Agency;
  • the Australian Department of Environment;
  • the World Resources Institute;
  • Air Transport Action Group;
  • The International Energy Agency;
  • And Statista.com.

Using the data, we calculate per-mile emissions for each mode of transport based on the emissions generated by combusting various types of fuels, including petrol, diesel, aviation fuel, commercial jet fuels, and others.

Then, we multiply those emissions by the number of miles travelled to produce a trip total per passenger, when using mass transportation.

For trips involving multiple legs, using different modes of transport, we calculate emissions for each leg, in addition to the trip total.

For trips involving public transport, calculations reflect the precise type of transport used. Calculations are based on average per mile emissions for travel by bus, subway, local and commuter trains, and long-distance train.

For trips involving driving, calculations are based on average per-mile emissions for the type of vehicle selected by the user, based on the model vehicle chosen.

When electric vehicles are chosen, the emissions factors are generated based on the electricity type used for the various regions.  

For walking and biking, per-mile emissions are assumed to be zero.